Social Security & Medicare Learning Programs for the Workplace

"This was an excellent presentation. It was very informative for everyone in attendance, whether they were approaching age 65, were helping someone approaching 65, or still decades away from that milestone. It was delivered in a very effective, easy-to-understand manner that everyone could relate to and appreciate.
​All of our employees benefited greatly."

Fred DeLuca
HR Service Specialist
Connecticut Water Co.


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The Turning 65 Workshop is an employer-paid learning presentation.
It does NOT market insurance or other financial products. 

The Turning 65 Workshop

​​​​​​​Custom Formats for Unique Workplaces

Whether 50 employees or 5000, the Turning 65 Workshop can be structured to best meet the needs of your workforce. Our flexible modules are designed for diverse employee audiences and allow for customized presentations.

The Someday 65 module covers the basics of Social Security & Medicare in a way that interests employees of all ages. For older employees, the Almost 65 module covers the basics as well as 'need-to-know' information about important filing considerations and the filing process itself. 

Each workplace is unique and our goal is to make a big impact on your employees... with minimal disruption to your daily operations. From multi-site large groups to single-site small groups, and from 'lunch & learns' to video conferencing, we'll work with you to create a presentation that is as unique as your workforce.

Contact our office for more information on program design and pricing.