The Turning 65 Workshop is an employer-paid benefit program.
It does NOT market insurance or other financial products.

​​​​Almost 65

The "original" 90-minute workshop presentation designed for employees
age 60+. 

Covers the basics of
Social Security & Medicare,
as well as details about the enrollment process, filing considerations, and Medicare coordination of benefits.






Workplace Learning to Help Build a Solid Retirement

​​​​Someday 65

This 60-minute presentation is designed to be of interest to ALL employees.

Covers the history of Social Security & Medicare and provides an overview of the basics of those programs.

The ideal "Lunch & Learn" presentation!




2017 Pricing: $1695 / Day
(Additional Travel Charge applies outside Greater Portland, Maine area)

 The Turning 65 Workshop is priced on a "per day" basis.

Multiple workshops throughout the day are common, including offering
'Someday 65'  presentations open to all employees followed by abbreviated  
​'Almost 65' breakout sessions for those in attendance age 60+.

 Unique formats such as video conferencing,
​multi-site presentations, executive sessions, and other arrangements are available.