The Turning 65 Workshop



The Turning 65 Workshop is an employer-paid learning presentation.
It does NOT market insurance or other financial products. 


An innovative workplace learning experience designed to help employees better understand Social Security & Medicare- programs that are the foundation of retirement in America. A variety of formats allow employers to create custom presentations for their unique workforce. 

Social Security & Medicare Learning Programs for the Workplace

Most employees understand very little about Social Security & Medicare. This 'knowledge gap' affects all ages and compensation levels. It's especially acute for older workers facing filing decisions. The Turning 65 Workshop helps fill this gap so your employees can build a solid retirement.

The Turning 65 Workshop was created by Tom Wright, a 35-year veteran of the financial services industry. He's also an experienced seminar speaker who brings a wealth of practical knowledge- and even a touch of humor- to each workshop!

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"We worked with the Turning 65 Workshop to educate a diverse group of our employees on pre-retirement planning, specifically understanding Social Security & Medicare. The presentation was customized to adapt to the audience demographics, resulting in a very informative and insightful series of presentations which applied to employees of all ages."

Jennifer Broughton-Crommett,
Assistant VP of Human Resources
Synergent Corp.